Do You Enjoy “Strategy”?

I am and it all started way back while growing up in Poland, playing the most random old school Win 95 games.  :)
It’s funny looking back now and connecting the dots that lead to today’s life.

From the first DOS/win 95 strategy games, Nintendo Strategy games, playing neighborhood strategy games with kids, to connecting an
Ethernet cable from house to house while losing my self in Age of Empires for days…

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Ready To Grab Life By The Balls?


Are you in MLM, Network Marketing or Affiliate Marketing?

Are you a Sales Leader or even a Direct Sales leader?

Or perhaps you are one that is ready to grab life by the balls and make some changes for yourself.

If any of the above clicks with you…

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Education Is Key! School Is…


I Made it through High School and 13 days of University, before making the best decision of my life.

By giving my student loan back and living my vision, which is travelling the world and being in control of my time.


You see… I didn’t have a plan when I started, I just knew…



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Blogging Strategies for the everyday blogger…does your blog make the cut? Find out here!

Hello Ladies, Gents and to whomever else creeps on this blog :)

My good friend Joe (an amazing guy who kills it in the blogging world) and I; decided to sit down and record a  Pure  Value Hangout to bring you tips on what You can apply in Your Blog today.

We decided to do this in order to give you a birds eye view of what you’re doing right and not so right!  Taking this information and applying it to your own blog will create results    …That’s a promise :)

Why the free Value?


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Relive Twenty One Places & Moments With Me

You know those times in life where everything freezes? No thoughts, no past and no future mean a thing?  You are frozen in the now, and as you look around all you can do is take a long deep breath that calms the presence even more…

…you are in “awe” because of the beauty around you.

In my experience, I recall 21 of these moments.  When closing my eyes and thinking back about each and every single one of them, I put my self right back to that moment as a ear to ear smile grows on my face :)


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Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows!

  “A good life happens when You stop and are grateful for the ordinary moments that so many of us just steamroll over to try to find those extraordinary moments “ 

I really enjoy this video and I believe it can open your eyes too.   Click play on the video I posted and I would like to hear what your thoughts are, honest opinions only please :)    

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Sell Your Crap. Pay Your Debt. Change Your Lifestyle & Do what You love!

Do you want to Change Your lifestyle?

   Most likely You’re thinking that it sounds easier than done…                                                              

…but simply a shift in consciousness and a decision is all You need!                                                    

First off, anything you commit to in life while emotionally all in, with full out passion and desire you always accomplish much quicker than you think, and crazy things unfold in front of you.  

All it takes is the right mindset and hunger to change Your lifestyle….simple..right? 

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