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Hello Ladies, Gents and to whomever else creeps on this blog :)

My good friend Joe (an amazing guy who kills it in the blogging world) and I; decided to sit down and record a  Pure  Value Hangout to bring you tips on what You can apply in Your Blog today.

We decided to do this in order to give you a birds eye view of what you’re doing right and not so right!  Taking this information and applying it to your own blog will create results    …That’s a promise :)

Why the free Value?


Obviously the blogging world is massive, with hundreds if not thousands of people starting blogs every day around the world.  Truth is most people don’t know how to view their website from a birds eye view.  Joe and I go in detail about simple things that most people don’t see nor even think about.  

Who Must watch this video?

  • One looking to get more eyes (Traffic) to their blog.
  • One looking to keep their bounce rate low (people staying on your pages).
  • One looking to have their readers engage and share the content you create.


I promise You that most of You coming across this post will gain value and be able to  implement the things we cover right NOW   :)

Watch Our Video Below:

 As you can see the workshop that we talk about near the end of the clip already took place :)  Please feel free to get on my mailing list to be notified of the next one :)

To get involved in the community that has taught me everything I know about the online space check this out and get a feeling of who we are and what we do.

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  1. Hello- great site! Inspiring-
    My site ,
    well, the heart is really reader questions that i answer, in my character as “The great Zamboni” but i dont get enough questions even though I get a decent amount of readers- any ideas how i can facilitate the leaving of questions?
    thanks so much for what you do…
    jordan (greatzamboni)

    • Give a call to action at the end of your blog posts to get people engaged and a part of your post, not just a reader :)

      Ask and you shall receive ;)

  2. Thanks for the tips :)

  3. I’m sort of in and out if the blogging world, and I always think that “this time I’m going to stick with it, I just never know what I’m doing! Thanks for the nudge!

  4. Thank you so much for this amazing video. Quite helpful. You managed to help me clear out some things i didn’t comprehend well ✌
    Totally looking forward to reading more

  5. Thank you for sharing these very useful tips, I look forward to reading more :)

  6. Greetings Jaroslaw, it is interesting how so many people commented about this post. The video didn’t play for me upon my making this comment but I gathered from the comments, you reached out to people who identified with your concept. As always I to appreciate what you are doing. Peace:)

  7. Oh and the 25 min Q&A is a great feature!

  8. Watched the video, great tips, thank you! I just started my blog, a month ago exactly and I’m faced with the same question: what should I write about? I’m trying with everything that interests me until I will have a better understanding of my audience’s preferrences.

    I have an observation though; sometimes it’s hard to distinguish a successful website from an unsuccessful one. Layout and content seem very good, nothing seems to miss, yet, after a short while, the website dies. I read a lot about what makes a website/blog successful; however, I know little about failure. What makes a website/blog fail?

    • Glad to hear :)

      Traffic x Conversions = Profit & Lifestyle

      In short, if you are creating content and people are engaging then keep driving traffic and as long as you stay consistent with it (depending on your goals) you will have a successful site :)

      Thanks for watching!

  9. Very true!!

  10. Thank you for the tips! It made me realize I need to do more with my blog. I’m going to do a call for action in one post. How do I promote it?

  11. You and Joe gave a lot of great tips on blogging. I especially like the tips for putting a call to action at the end of each post. I will keep this in mind as I continue to write for my blog. Thank you.

  12. Thanks for the tips. Everything you said is point on about your direction in a blog. I just moved my blog and restarted it on wordpress a week ago. I want to learn to write better and i’m glad there’s people out there who want to help structure your work better.

  13. Thanks very much for the video. It was so interesting. I’m new to blogging and still trying to learn the ropes. There were some good points in here for me. As for others, the idea of a ‘call to action’ is the most interesting. I know many experienced bloggers suggest it, but your video is the first thing that really gave me an idea how to structure it.
    Thanks so much :-)

  14. Great content… Great pointers! Thanks for the information.

  15. Amazing suggestions!

  16. Wow.. thats a lot of things to consider. I have to revisit my blog and make some changes. Thanks for all the info. V helpful.

  17. Thank you! very helpful video!

  18. Hey, thank you so much for the video. Some helpful tips mainly the Call to Action, which I failed to have anywhere on my blog.

  19. Thank you so much, for such helpful tips.

  20. So helpful! But focus is so hard!

  21. Just watched your video above and found it really interesting…actually I really liked the idea of having a ‘call to action’ – I’ll implement that one for sure.

  22. Thanks very much indeed. I am new too in this world of blogs so am getting a lot ……

  23. Great info. Wish I had seen it earlier so I could have signed up. I am trying a blog/website (not even sure of the diff yet). I guess I need a website, but recent loss of income made a blog affordable. I will follow both of ya’ll and hopefully something will sink in; not too tech savvy. Thanks again!

  24. just seeing this video and about two weeks old into blogging so these tips will be really useful. please check out my blog and let me know what you think….

    • Love it Molekor! (what a rad name) I know exactly what i’m getting from your blog right off the bat :)
      One thing that pops to mind perhaps make the color of the titles at the top a little lighter. They tend to blend into the background.

      Keep up the great job!

  25. Great Post! I am new to the blogging world and this post was very helpful!

    Thank you!!!

  26. I am new to blogging, and sure can benefit with your blog. Thanks for sharing the info, hope to get more on the way ( yes, am a bit greedy in that way :D )

    • Happy to hear :), Make sure you are on my mailing list as I will be starting live weekly webinars this Saturday!

  27. Thanks! I took some tips, I´m starting in this world…

  28. Love your blog. Love seeing inspiring people inspire others :) so thanks :D

  29. Thumbs up!

  30. Am a bit late here but I enjoyed the video and learnt a few things. Thank you.

  31. Keep up the interesting and useful posts!

  32. Thanks so much for joining my fun – daily photos from my own true vintage closet. I watched your video and found it really interesting and full of good points to think over. I’ll watch what you come up with and hope you’ll enjoy my posts as well.

  33. Did you recently do an AMA on Reddit?

  34. Very interesting post with a lot of information to think about and implement, thank you.

  35. Thanks a lot for the video. This helps me much:D


  36. The link for the reblog is:
    It will be published on 04-09 @ 1 AM PDT. Let me know what you think. Okay?

  37. Oh no!! :( I missed the deadline for registration! Please have another workshop soon? :(

    • Will be doing weekly webinars starting late next week :) You need to head to the top of my page and enter your email. Will be sending out a survey regarding the webinar topics within a day or two.
      (also you can still get on this workshop list, just enter your info and ill be re sending this workshop as well)

      PS: so both lists you want to be on :)

  38. Thanks for the post. I am just one post old and I am sure this will help me in building network and getting more traffic on my blog. After all, we all need some blog love.

  39. thank you ~ says a lot about who you two are in sharing information to help others…you have most definitely helped me!

  40. Hi! Just wanted to thank you for the many suggestions that you give in this video to improving our blogs. Keep on the good work!

  41. Perfect timing! I decided to come check you out and this post is exactly what I needed to see!

  42. Very good post. Some invaluable info I can use to good effect.

  43. Thanks for the video. Being new to the blogging world, I am still trying to figure out how I want to structure my site but you guys have hit on some really important points here which is good food for thought. Thanks again : )

    • Glad to hear :) Will be doing more of these, make sure you get on my list at the top of my home page. cheers

  44. Thanks for the kind words :) The article will be on Trep Share? Also will this just be you writing or an Interview setting?

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