Education Is Key! School Is…


I Made it through High School and 13 days of University, before

making the best decision of my life.  By giving my student loan back

and living my vision, which is travelling the world and being in control of my time.


You see… I didn’t have a plan when I started, I just knew…

…believed in my self and stayed consistent with my vision.  

Did I leave University and never work a day in my life?

Fck no, I went through the most random jobs, from a Chinese delivery boy to working the oil rigs.  Did very random things for a couple of years before picking up books and investing in my own education that way.  By learning on my own time, weather from books, the internet or random courses that I knew would help my future.  I was genuinely interested and getting so much more done than I was in “school”.  

As far back as I can remember to the very last day of school, I always did not so much as far as work was concerned. I did just enough to get 50%-60% in every class.  I was always the guy just starring into the wall daydreaming or scanning every poster in the classroom.  I simply did not enjoy much learning in school, I just knew there was more to life and the school system just felt wrong for me.  

I recall three teachers from school and even though I wasn’t so into the books; they made those classes fun, they made them real and I believe that is because they genuinely enjoyed what they did.  I think that a good number of the teachers in today’s school system are simply there because its “easy”.  They get months of vacation time per year and a safe salary in many countries. (I know this isn’t true for the whole world). Also don’t think this is the teachers faults nor that they are bad people, think its the whole system and in my opinion the world cannot go on like this.  How many more people plan to go to school while having a high chance they will not find a job in that field for years? 

Something MUST change and it must change soon. 


Sir Ken Robinson is spot on with this talk:


I met this wonderful family once in Tunisia, enjoying a dinner on the back of their yacht. They have been travelling around the world for a few years, ran their business online and had two kids aged seven and nine. They did all hands on work with their kids and simply got them involved in things they were interested in.


When they got to ports they would stay for a few weeks at a time, and simply got their children involved in random activities near the port that they were docked in.  Along with other educational materials via the internet that the kids enjoyed and parents thought were key to have. 


One of my trips to New Zealand my next door camping neighbors were a family of four, the little girl was four and the little boy was nine.  They gave off that hippy vibe, cool people. When the boy opened his mouth and started telling stories and just speaking to me I couldn’t believe his age.  I genuinely felt like i was talking to a 15-18 year old, this kid knew his shit.When talking to his father over a beer one evening he told me his sons story; quite simple actually but he pulled him out of the “system” mid way through grade one.  Decided to just follow his sons interests, put him in courses online and random training’s in subjects he was interested in (available to anyone in many places).  Also a ton of hands on stuff, whatever the boy enjoyed the father would fill those interests with random local gatherings, courses, whatever would fill the boys passions. Plus he said the relationship they had was out of this world, that I could see clearly.  

One family that is doing the same thing online as I have been travelling the world for 6 years and started with a 2 year old! They tend to change countries every few months and just keep chasing the beach life. Also might I add, they left EVERYTHING behind with only $20,000 to their name and a vision.  Six years later and they are killing it :)

I was very inspired to cross paths with the above families along with a few others over my travels.  Every single encounter was eye opening and inspiring for me.  I will never throw my kids in the school system and rather create a life with them.  Unless one day they decide to be a doctor, lawyer or simply WANT to go to school to learn about something in particular I will support them all the way.

Making money for someone else while throwing my kids in a system I feel is broken seems back wards to me.  Also I do understand everyone is in a different money situation and so on; but the only time I have ever worked for someone in the past is to get on my feet, save some cash and try again at making it on my own.  The way I’ve lived since my first job.  

Watch this amazing example of someone who got pulled out of the school system:


In Brene Browns book “Daring Greatly” she talks about asking a group of students to describe the key to learning, one girl replied;

“There are times when you can ask questions or challenge ideas, but if you’ve got a teacher that doesn’t like that or the kids in the class make fun of people who do that, it’s bad.  I think most of us learn that it’s best to just keep your head down, your mouth shut, and your grades high”

Brene Brown then goes on to say “As a researcher, it was the moment when I started to realize how often the struggles of our education system and the challenges we face in our work places mirror each other……….No corporation or school can thrive in the absence of creativity, innovation and learning, and the greatest threat to all three of these is disengagement”

Very eye opening and interesting in my opinion.

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  1. I was home educated alongside my four siblings and it was great! I pity children who have to go to school – they don’t have the freedom to be bored and learn to occupy themselves and find their own interests. I chose to go to college and university because I love studying, not because I had to or it was the ‘proper’ path.

  2. i love this, I want to travel with my daughter and will make that my reality. Sometimes I think it is okay to utilize the system to allow that to happen…especially if it is creating a certain skill set i.e. midwife. Great inspiring blog! I appreciate the links and inspiration :)

    • I trained at university as a midwife after being home educated all my life. I can only say being an ex-home ed student helped me, not hindered me! :) I hope you have a great time experiencing life together with your daughter! :)

  3. I stopped reading this one when you said a lot of teachers are in it because it is easy. I appreciate your sentiment, but anyone who has spent one day teaching a classroom of students would recognize that there is no such thing as an easy teaching job. Education issues are systemic and cultural issues, not just teacher issues.

    Let’s fight for change without calling teachers as lazy. Most teachers are dedicated, hard-working and love their students.

  4. Applause – and both for the career path (yes!) you’ve taken plus your insights and the insights of others you’ve posted. Just now, a ten year old immigrant from India has finished high school. Has he? Hell no, his mother pulled him out of school after about the first year and home-schooled him. Now he has passed with the maximum 4.0. Had she not done that he might well be a psychiatric case and on drugs by now!

  5. It is good to know that I am not the only one with those feelings.

  6. I totally agree with your comments and interpretations of your observations. Not only is school not for everyone, I think it’s failing most. There needs to be a better way to prepare our children to take over and save our world. They need to learn in and of this world not study books. Only then can they solve the problems instead of be the problem. Good luck with your quest. We should exchange notes sometime. I’m trying to develop a methodology to improve e learning – unrelated to standard schools. Take care. Todd Keitel.

    • Todd, glad to meet you. I’d like to be in any exchange of notes with you on “school escaped” education. The US is in deep edu-trouble.

  7. I totally agree with this. I’m 16, and I was in high school up until December of my sophomore year. I was failing all my classes (including history, which I probably knew more about than the history teacher) and I was just miserable. Got pulled out, started homeschooling, and I hated that too. I wanted to actually learn stuff that I would use in life and stuff I was interested in. But no, because apparently there’s a law that you have to be in school here in these “free” countries of America.

    Unfortunately, I’ll be going back again in August, and I’ll be graduating late. The worst part is, I’ll probably be the smartest kid in the whole school. Wish my mother would understand school like you :\

  8. That’s an interesting life you have. I am amazed about how much courage you have to just break free from the system. I have attended school constantly for close to two decades now and it amazes me sometimes that the kid in the corner that got 50-70% on their work knew much more then the kid with the perfect %100. You story has given me a bit of inspiration.

  9. I agree with you completely. I wish most people had the courage to follow their heart.

  10. I have to agree. Education is not the same as school and sometimes an education is better when you get it yourself from doing what you love. I wish I was brave enough to have just dropped everything and write, travel, experience.

  11. hey
    I wanted to say thank you and keep up the good work.
    i’m working on a school project on education around the world.
    again thank you.


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