Relive Twenty One Places & Moments With Me

You know those times in life where everything freezes? No thoughts, no past and no future mean a thing?  You are frozen in the now, and as you look around all you can do is take a long deep breath that calms the presence even more…

…you are in “awe” because of the beauty around you.

In my experience, I recall 21 of these moments.  When closing my eyes and thinking back about each and every single one of them, I put my self right back to that moment as a ear to ear smile grows on my face :)


Most of these moments took places in different areas of the globe and I want you to relive these moments/places with me :)

The following are in no particular order, at the end of the day…each ear got just as much of the lips as the other ;)

Bali, Indonesia…

Had a privilege of spending 8 months here, You will LOVE this island! :)


Coron, Palawan, Philippines…

One beautiful week with no electronics  :)  This is where You fully relax…especially in the low season…


Pai, Thailand…

Where things move really slow :)


Wroclaw, Poland…

WrocLove :) Special little place…


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada…

The most beautiful city in the world in my books…


Guanxi, Yangshuo, China…

Mountains but not mountains, a very enjoyable two weeks :)


Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico…

Accidentally ended up in Mexico and fell in love with this little gem…


Croatia on a Boat…

10 days sailing the coast of Croatia…

Taranaki Region, New Zealand…

5 Beautiful months over 3 trips, I feel this is my home away from home..home…home :)

Tofino, British Columbia, Canada…

One of my favorite camping places in the world :)     …and yes all photos are taken at one beach over 4 different trips. I love this place!



Barcelona, Spain…

Short & Sweet…


Guangzhou, Guangdong, China…

An amazing 7 months, I fell in love with this place that so many people do not like :)

Istra, Croatia…

Five amazing months, this is simply one of my favorite places in the world :)  I highly recommend to spend a good few weeks getting to know this area..


Ko Samet, Thailand…

No worries…Easy eleven days…


Gili Islands, Lombok, Indonesia

Place of late nights and early mornings. A nice two week trance ;)




Boracay Philippines…

After working my face off in Manila for 2.5 months straight (online).  I hopped on a short plane ride to Bora, One of the best reset button weeks of my life..

……to be continued.

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Comment below & Let me know Your most memorable moment, the time Your breath was taken away…by the beauty around you…

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  1. Such wonderful traveling journeys you’ve been able to experience! I really enjoyed the photos. Thank you for visiting and following my blog!
    Blessings to you,

  2. One of my most memorable moments was being near the edge of Kaieteur (the highest single drop waterfalls in the world) in Guyana, 2010. We had left Georgetown over five days earlier and had travelled by boat truck and on foot. After sleeping on Amatuk island for one (rainy) night, we woke up early and spent the whole day hiking through an unforgiving jungle. When we finally arrived at the top of the waterfalls it was just a surreal moment.

    Like someone said earlier, what you are doing awesome! Keep ot up! One of my blog entries is about the top 10 countries that I would like to visit. How how how do you do it? I am in awe.

  3. Ay ay…hands down, most magical moments would have to be exploring Isla Ometepe in Nicaragua, closely followed by climbing the Mayan ruins of Caracol Belize, kayaking in BC & Montana, lightning storms in the American Southwest, and so many fantastic moments living in the Pacific Northwest (US again). Loved your photos…they made me smile!

  4. Beautiful photos! I love Vancouver, Tofino, and Ucluelet as some of the world’s most magical places. Nice lifestyle – blog and travel… Thanks for your comments on my blog – much appreciate knowing my blog’s not invisible or silent. A pleasure to visit yours.

  5. I only have one word for you pictures and the beautiful places you have traveled to: “wow”.

  6. So many places I want to see. This was an inspiring post!

  7. Hi! Glad you enjoy our very popular tourist destination BORACAY! I also enjoy the journey. I wish hubby and I can do this.

  8. This is crazyyyy. I am in awe. Jealous and inspired at the same time. Is there a way I can ask you some personal questions? Or can you direct me to how you were able to afford an adventure like this?

    • Nicole, Head to the homepage of my blog and enter your email to watch my 5 part video series, In there you will learn everything :)

  9. So beautiful! The Philippines has stayed with me years later…I’m planning a backpacking trip to Europe and just decided to add Croatia. Thank you for your pictures-I’m adding Istra to the list!

  10. Oh, I loved this story! Just looking at all the pictures, I can’t wait till one day I get to travel to all the places I’ve wanted to go.The picture with the eggs from the Boracay Philippines really got me wishing I was there right now.

  11. I love your pictures. It showed the beauty of the places you’ve stepped foot on. I’m studying college here in Manila, Boracay & Palawan is definitely a place to visit if your staying in Manila. Its a great place to refresh.

  12. This is amazing!! It’s true that there are times when we get stuck in the “now” … I hope that whenever that time comes, I’ll be in the places I longed to visit! But, yeah many hindrances … (I live in the Philippines and yet i haven’t been to Bora or Coran… But, i’ll get there, someday!!)

  13. What a cool idea for a post. Loved seeing bits from cool moments all at once!

  14. My province made it to your list! Yay! And these places are awesome!

  15. Fascinating photos.
    Among my own trips, I particularly liked Alaska, for the grandeur of its mountains and its wildness. A helicopter ride in Denali National Park was especially memorable. We flew low over knife-edge-like ridges, and saw many places where hungry bears had pawed the ground looking for burrowing mammals.

  16. Wow! Its breathtaking. I hope one day I could see the whole world.

  17. Your photos are phenomenal! I call my an Peter Pan. He’d wear out his passport if he could. We’ve decided come hell or high water, he needs a recharge(I don’t mind either!). In a little over a month we’ll be in Montego Bay and Kingston. Planning out next one to Istanbul hopefully after the first of the year.

    Love your travels. Stay safe and keep smiling!!

  18. Wow!! You’ve done so much travelling! Lucky! I hope to visit some of these places some day!!

  19. haha yea shes my other half :) More pics updated every week! cheers to you!

  20. Great photography, it really took me down memory lane. Pai and Bali are too of my favourite travel destination memories I plan to return too.

  21. yzo

    Thank you, sir, Guangzhou is my home town. It has changed so much since I left, but its off-beat charm never died in the corners and alleys.

  22. Wow, those are some incredible places. Barcelona is one of my first loves. Heading to Croatia for the first time this August, seeing that it made your list makes me extra excited to go!

  23. What an excellent way of sharing pictures. And what incredible adventures you’ve had. I like the way you’ve made so many experiences easily accessible, and not too overwhelming. I am a photographer, but my blog is mainly about philosophical ruminations and observations, whilst travelling and now back in England. I have put some galleries of pictures up, and it’s mostly only photographers that spend the time to look at them, which is flattering but not my sole intention. Thanks again.

  24. I am literally dumbstruck. Still in awe. Pictures are awesome! I hope you will visit Jamaica one day. :-)

  25. Your pictures are majestic! Wow! I am blown away. Actually, I am envious! Since this year started, I am in desperate need of a change in my life. A desire to do a job I enjoy. A desire to stop dreaming and let my dreams become my reality. Easter I visited Owensboro, Kentucky in the USA and I was blown away by the quaint town. It was simple, quiet and relaxing. People were friendly and kind. I took some pictures and I will definitely post them on my blog. I have always had a deep desire to travel and explore the word and your pictures have inspired me to fulfill my dream. I love writing and I have a passion for nature and the beauty of our planet. I am in awe. I needed to see this. Thank You!!!!

  26. It’s seems we’ve travel to similar places & I couldn’t help but smile seeing these wonderful shots you’ve taken, brought back so many wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing & for liking my post x

  27. fun post! great pics and just love your little frenchie in some of them!

  28. I see we’ve been to a few of the same places. Loved Bali. Philippines is definitely on the list! And China.
    Happy travels, Alison
    PS I agree re Vancouver. It’s still our hometown even though we’re now nomadic. Best city in the world.

  29. The first moment that comes to my mind was last week in Malibu, California. A large pod of whales was really close to the shore, close enough to swim to, and they were breaching, and putting on a real show. Other people were just walking right by, but I was just staring with awe and appreciation for about a half hour. It was beautiful, and so close to home.
    The other time that springs to mind is the time I was in Gua Lawah, Bali, and I went into the cave. All over the roof of the cave, there were bats, and in the back of the cave, there were snakes. The Hindu people there had lit candles, and placed offerings to the snakes. It was really a sight!

  30. Interesting selection of glimpses…be sure to continue :)


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