Sell Your Crap. Pay Your Debt. Change Your Lifestyle & Do what You love!

Do you want to Change Your lifestyle?

   Most likely You’re thinking that it sounds easier than done…                                                              

…but simply a shift in consciousness and a decision is all You need!                                                    

First off, anything you commit to in life while emotionally all in, with full out passion and desire you always accomplish much quicker than you think, and crazy things unfold in front of you.  

All it takes is the right mindset and hunger to change Your lifestyle….simple..right? 

What I am getting at is that if You’re unhappy with Your current situation, change it!  I don’t care where You are from, what Your background is or what your spouse thinks of it all…..

…It is a simple decision for you to change Your lifestyle, remember stay hungry at all times and stay consistent with Your Vision!      …yes it really is that simple :)

Who am I to say that?

Well I’m just one example of how quickly a life change can happen…

Growing up on welfare, leaving home at the age of 18, then bumming around for a few years after that…trust me I wasn’t one that had anything handed to me.  Simply knowing that I was already there, believing and being consistent with my vision day in and day out, things eventually started to flow :)

Start of 2007 I was working on the oil-rigs in Northern Canada (the last time I had a boss), a few months in I came across some personal development books..

Took me a good few weeks to realize that everything was in my mind and if I could train my mind, my self limiting beliefs, surround my self with people that have what I want and not the ones that stained my life….my surroundings would change as long as I stayed hungry and damn this all happened soo quick!


How did all this happen to me?

…Simple! I took my head out of my ass and made a decision to take control of my life, focused on my self and my mindset for months before things started to fly, but you know what, this all happens so quick when you simply believe in your vision and have that passionate hunger to Change Your Lifestyle.   Sure enough…six months later I made a decision to sell all my crap, pay my debts and do what I love!   Which is Travelling around the World, diving into all sorts of cultures and most importantly be able to work from anywhere that simply has a wifi connection :)  It’s been over eight years since I last had someone structuring my days, and just waking up and not doing what resonates with me.   I speak from experience and am extremely passionate about living life by my design.  I think it is amazing how there are more and more people world wide doing the things they love and not following the “system” …however I believe that many people don’t realize how easy this can be done.

You can Change Your Lifestyle starting today!   All it takes is a decision from You, be grateful for everything You have and keep growing on that, stay consistent to Your vision and do daily tasks, doesn’t matter how small…there is always something You can do now!   Surround Your self with people who make You happy and for anyone that brings You down, cut them out of Your life.

If You enjoyed this post, You will enjoy my Free PlayWithLifE Video Series I have put together for anyone that comes across my blog :) Enjoy and let me know what you think!

If you are one that is eager to change things around for your self and could use one of those pick me up chats, or perhaps are surrounded by people that aren’t on the same energy level as you, feel free to reach out :)   If I could help someone via e-mail or a skype call, win win.

Enjoy this amazing TEDxAsheville Talk by Adam Baker – Sell your crap. Pay your debt. Do what you love!

In 2008, after the birth of his first child, Baker and his wife decided to sell everything they owned, pay off their consumer debt, and spend a year traveling abroad as a family.  In sharing their ups and downs in the areas of personal finance, consumerism, clutter, travel, minimalism, and passionate entrepreneurship, they realized they aren’t alone in a desire to explore and grow.

Comment below & Let me know what You would do with Your time if You had full control of Your time?

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  1. Thats exactly what I have done with my girlfriend 20 months ago – sell our crap and see the world. We end up so far in Asia but we really like it here and I know that eventually we will travel to south America. Anyway good luck mate with your awesome life :)

    • Amazing, me and my girl are heading to Central/South America in a month or two here :) All the best to you guys!

  2. Hmm… I see a lot of inspired people ready to start new lives and travel.
    But who the hack is gonna do the plumbing, collect litter or catch the thieves once everydody has set off on their dream life?!

  3. Jaroslaw, please continue inspiring people. I really like this blog. I will be reading all your articles here and that’s for sure ^_^

    • Thank you for putting a smile on my face :) I also enjoy your words and looking forward to reading more of your work!

  4. Great post. I totally believe in this mindset, and my travel partner and I are figuring out how to travel w/out limitations. This is motivational!

  5. Jaroslaw, thanks for following my blog. You’ve written some pretty amazing stuff here. I relocated to a fantastic part of Ireland and recently took an opportunity to leave my corporate job. Since doing so, I have changed my diet – from takeaway food to lentils and fresh fish. My wife takes my car to work every day and I use a hybrid bike to get around, averaging 100 miles per week, on both coastal and mountain roads. I feel a lot stronger and I am giving consideration to an alternative career. I was previously a senior manager in IT. In a previous life, I worked as a brewer and QA manager. As you can see from my blog, I am writing a “book blog” about humor and I hope to travel soon so it is great to see like minded followers of your blog.

    • Cheers brother! Appreciate you sharing your story :)

      Isn’t it awesome how we get to connect with like minded people on here. I love it and thanks for stopping by, looking forward to seeing more of your work!

    • Thank you and I appreciate you sharing your story :)

      Isn’t it awesome how the blogging world works connecting us travel junkies together ;)

      all the best to ya!

  6. Motivating, oh yes! Me and my child are dreaming to live like that, travel and feel many different cultures. But… we are Russians. Which means we need visas to enter most countries, which can be not so easy to get. What to do with all these visas, passports and borderlines? It drives me mad. I wish they were abandoned once.

    • You do what you can with what you’ve got…wherever you are :)

      I hear ya, things would flow much easier without those borders. Hope you guys figure it out and are able to see the world on your own terms!

  7. Posts like this renew my spirit! Thank you for your words and for living the example! I find you very brave. It’s easy to read the books – Tolle, Chopra, Canfield, Dyer – but to live the message (and remember it daily) and change your life is a challenge! Keeping up with your blog will be a priority of mine. Best wishes to you!

    • Best wishes to you my friend! Keep up the great job on your pages and looking forward to seeing more of your work!

  8. Most people just convince themselves that they can’t do stuff without ever trying, Good post. Thanks

  9. This sounds like THE plan!!! “I took my head out of my ass and made a decision to take control of my life,” I LOVE THAT and this post!
    As for your question:-> “What you would do with Your time if You had full control of Your time?” – I must admit, the initial thought of it scares me just a tad bit but the overall idea of living a life without any financial obligations/debts owed to anyone or entity as well as less attachment to “stuff” really excites me. When I read about people like you and Adam Baker who made a choice to do what you had to do to make your dream life come true, it really does warm my heart as Traveling the World is also at the top of my passion list.

    Thanks for sharing your story and for these reminders that although it may not be easy, living your passion life is very much possible.

  10. Great post ! We did it with my husband, sold everything, moved to USA, do what we love. Sometimes I get lost in the old fears of lacking financial security, and make the wrong decisions. But very quicky I realize I’ve got the wrong engine fueling my heart, and start all over again, this time with passion and hope in my heart. It usually works much better that way :)

  11. Ru

    Thank you. This came into my life at exactly the right time.

  12. nice post!!

  13. It’s never too late! My husband and I retired early and have been happily doing what we want for the past three years….write, travel, live. You are an inspiration. Keep up the good work.

  14. Inspiring!!!! Thank you

  15. it’s inspiring. honestly, what you do right now is my dream. I want to traveling around the world too. I always wonder how people can travel the world for years, I mean how they survive financially. next year I have a plan to live in Australi, but it just a plan because I dont kno how to survive in there. and also, Indonesia has low currency so I need a lot of money. but I hope I can live in my dreams.

  16. Very inspiring post! I appreciate your thoughts on this matter, now more than ever. Change is hard, but the decision to change is the hardest. Once you tackle that, the rest will fall into place.

  17. Hey!!! Your blog really amazing and extremely inspiring, it will help a lot, so… thank you so much!!

  18. Thanks for sharing! You just gave me the one last nudge to do what I want to do. So exciting. Keep in touch :)

  19. I felt like that video was directed to me personally with one exception. I don’t hate my job, however I don’t LOVE the hours and the stress that my job requires. Even at 43 I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up however I do know that I am ready to make the big change. Sell EVERYTHING I own, pay off all my debt move to Alaska and forever pay cash for everything. If you have ever heard about Dave Ramsey he is a huge inspiration on getting out of debt and he is very clear in his message. It doesn’t matter how bad you feel your circumstances are, if you put your mind to it and apply your self intentionally you can get yourself out of debt and live a life you have always dreamed. I have set a goal for myself of 2 years or less to make the move. I am on my way…. Now I just need to figure out what I will do for a living when I move from Maryland and start heading for that last frontier.

    • Love it :) And you’re right, there are small steps anyone can take towards being dept free, working for themselves or whatever their engine desires. I invite you to the check out my PlayWithLifE video series as were a big group of people like your self growing together and I believe the message will resonate with you.

      Top of my homepage you will find all info. Cheers :)

  20. So I came to your blog since you followed my post lol And I can’t be more happy that I did. Since I got to my office, I’ve been reading your posts and watching the videos from the pdf. I feel so pumped, I don’t think there’s a more appropriate word to describe it. I was about to quit after reading this one, I’m sure I’ll do it soon. ;) I’m trying to figure out what’s the skill that could feed me while I’m travelling around the world. But I really appreciate that there’s people like you sharing this info and serving as inspiration.

    By the way, loved your dog!!! so cute!

    • Happy to hear you’re able to spend your time at work in a happier place now :)

      Check out the video series which can found in this blog post or else at the top of my homepage, perhaps the message will resonate with you and some light bulbs will go off. If so those skill sets will set you free :-)

  21. This blog has been such an inspiration.. I’m not a girl that likes to accumulate a lot of stuff, however I wanted to take it to the next level: declutter the whole room: drawers, wardrobe and bookshelves :) Gave away a lot of things I no longer use, and it feels sooo goood (especially since I’m moving to London in a few weeks)

  22. Thank you! This is very inspirational. You sound so “open” – to people, experiences, challenges, to life. That’s where I want to be.

  23. Well said. Couldn’t be said better. I never think too much, life will find it’s own way. Just do your best, and God will do the rest!

  24. How inspirational! I loved reading this article, thank you for posting it!

  25. This is very inspiring. I would love to travel and make art for a living. It just seems so completely impossible! (I am currently employed full-time in graphic design and I hate it!)

    • Graphic Design huh? I recommend entering your email at the top of my blog and watching all 5 fives I’ve made. I’ve just set up my new office in Croatia and going balls to the wall over the next long while. This is a good time to lock arms and start moving forward :)

  26. Liv

    did it, a lot of times in my life, almost every week, good article!

  27. This was something that I definitely needed to read. Thank you!

  28. Interesting write up. The conundrum that I am faced with is how to close the gap between financial security and doing what I love, which is experience the world by traveling.

    • Fuck the money and focus on what feels good for you and your surroundings ;) My first and major suggesting that came to mind.
      Also if you are looking to turn your interests and passions into an income, check out the video serious I have put together. On my homepage head to the top and enter your email, this is what I have been building for over 1.5 years now and its moving along very very nicely.

  29. Excellent post and video. I’ve been trying to live this philosophy for years. I see people day after day who have plenty, want more all the time but are not happy. I hear people saying what they’d do if they won the lottery, it’s all about what they would buy. One thing they always miss; what about buying your freedom?
    What would I do with freedom? Pursue my passions of writing, painting and sailing, travelling wherever I wanted to. I’m working on it :)
    You are a great inspiration Jaroslaw.

    • Thanks Robert! I love your style and will be living on a sail boat too in the near future, one of the main things I am working towards right now…

      Take all the money away from it all and that is what you should be doing on a daily basis, money will follow as one like your self knows. :)

      Curious what does one like your self do to go after this lifestyle? I love to hear others stories that are on a similar path. Also I invite you to check out the PlayWithLifE video series I made, perhaps some more ideas will start to flow.

      Keep kicking ass bro!

      • thanks for your reply Jaroslaw. It’s a good life living on a sailboat, though I’m not one of those living the nomadic life yet, I’m employed full time. My dream is to make it with writing /art and now you’ve shown me the option of affiliate marketing. One day I’ll break free! Still, off to the Scottish Islands for 3 weeks on Sunday on my yacht, I get about 13 weeks holiday a year and work 50/50 the rest of the time, so it’s a reasonable compromise!

        • That’s amazing Robert. I am using this vehicle to be on a yacht in a couple of years and run the business fully from it :) Enjoy the Scottish Islands and if you have Internet on the boat; get in touch and i’ll give you some ideas that you can start creating content now on this trip and use it in the future if you please.
          My Skype is: jar.jaskiewicz

          all the best!

  30. Hi There, This is arguably one of the best blogs I have read in years. So refreshing! What a gift you are; and at such a young age. You are definitely preaching to the choir.
    Love it.

  31. I like my crap and am keeping most of it. I am a pretty rooted nurturer. I like to take care of things and watch them grow. I am the one people come back to. Already living the life, only in one place. You are very interesting guy. I enjoyed checking out your blog. You take care, Begonia

  32. What you say is definitely amazing and I’ll be reading your blog for sure. All I want to ask is how to get that edgy confidence? Sincerely.

    • I’m not really sure if this will answer it, but first thing that popped to mind after reading your comment… I am simply sure and believe in the things I say, therefore perhaps it comes off like that, + this weaves out the people who do not resonate with my message and I’m able to communicate with like minded people :)

  33. Love this post. Im in the mist of figuring out what I need to do to get to this point in my life!

  34. Hello! Thank you for the post! I travel a lot since 16 years old on my own and now trying to inspire people around me as you do. A month ago a gave a lecture about cheap travel in local cafe and it was full! Around 60 people came to listen to me.
    And now I’m preparing for new adventure of my dreams – I bought tickets to Iceland. Have you been there?

    • Hey Victoria :) That’s so cool that you had a big turn out. I haven’t been to Iceland yet but its on the list of course, I just arrived on the coast of Croatia and getting life set up here for the summer months! Added you on social media just now….looking forward to connecting and hearing more from you!

  35. Thank you for visiting my blog. Taking charge of my life is exactly what I have done and this has certainly been liberating. I have lost a lot of weight and experienced the health benefits. I am now passionate about the importance of healthy nutrition and regular exercise. I have left my paid employment recently so that I can focus on helping others to develop a healthy, active lifestyle.

    • That’s rad Ruth :) Love your story! Do you have a background with building these sort of businesses? I’d love to connect and chat a bit more about what you’ve done…

  36. Amazing blog.Came across this now. Will shoot you a mail soon-ish. I am still wondering on the same and its been years. Still afraid to take that step which liberates me from my current scenario. You can read the same in one of my post called HORIZON. When we have people dependent on us, we need to be careful that we don’t mess up their life with our big decision. I always feel so.

    Cheers. God bless :)

    • I don’t know you or your situation of course, but what might seem like messing up their life today could also be a big positive turn around point for everyone involved. Hard to connect the dots till you go with what feels good/right. All the best on your decision my friend and hopefully you emailing me doesn’t take as long as you pondering this life decision ;)

      With jokes aside looking forward to hearing from you, also check out the video series I made, not sure what your plan is but this could ring some bells. Enter your email at the top of my blog to get plugged in.

  37. Strongly agree!!!

  38. Very inspirational! thank you.

  39. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post; you’re very inspiring! As an aspiring writer who stayed in his hometown and goes through the work to pay bills cycle, your encouragement is like a breath of fresh air. There must be a point where we break the mental shackles that we tie ourselves down with – the cruelest shackle is the belief that you HAVE to work in that job you hate. Even just letting go of that and realizing you go to work because you WANT to is very liberating and gets the creative process moving.

    • Indeed Ben. I hope you’re not speaking about your self with having to work in that job you hate. If so check out my PlayWithLifE video series…head to my homepage and enter your email at the top of the blog post. That should get the creative process oiled up ;)

  40. Shared on :
    Awesome BLOG. I know what this is all about … I’m currently is a quite similar situation !
    Keep it up, may Good Winds be with you.
    Cheers from south of france :)

    • Thank you Oli! I love what you’re doing and keep up the great job! Killer videos too :)

      Are you fully living off this now>?

  41. My passion is my mosaics – I’ve got over 16,800 ‘likes’ on FB, have website, started, stopped and restarted a blog, engage in the occasional tweet and have lots of people who love what I create but I feel I’m stuck as I want to make a living out of what I do but not sure how to convert the likes into sales… Alyson/Mosaicrazy. Your tips, given your attitude and what you’ve achieved would be welcome!

  42. I recently decided to spend a year dedicated to crossing off as many things on my bucket list as possible. An entire year dedicated to that single goal. Visiting every country in the world is on the list! I am in the process of restructuring my entire life to reach this goal and it’s changing everything – the way I think, the way I live, the way I love, everything. It started slow but as I continue making my goals and dreams a top priority, it’s gaining momentum and drives me even harder. Thanks for this post – it reaffirms everything that I am doing :-)

    • Love it Ciara :) Things sure do pick up fast once you start with whatever you can do in front of you, no matter how small. So what is it that you are doing to allow you to have this freedom lifestyle? Love to know what others on a similar path are doing…

  43. sudebaker

    Thanks for this post :) I’m just now starting to realize the incredible power of our thoughts.

  44. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. They are very inspiring! But just as you said: sometimes it sounds easier than done .. and I am one of these persons! I think making a decision is the hardest part .. to live with the consequences. But first of all you need to know what you want. I think this is my problem right now .. not knowing what I want and where I belong to. I lost my job at the end of last year and I’m still looking for a new one. Luckily I have really good friends and my lovely family who support me and give me hope that everything will be fine soon. And meanwhile I do lots of things which make me happy just like climbing, running, photographing and keep on writing my blog which I started this year. So thanks again for your inspiration and I’m looking forward to read more of your posts :-)

    • Appreciate you sharing your story Anja :) If it feels good on the inside you gotta step into the unknown and go for it, as long as you believe…shit will flow in a good way ;)

      Check out The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle or email me and i’ll send you a copy :)

  45. Thank you for this post, I am going to read many more on your site. My fiancee and I recently started shifting to a minimalist lifestyle. It’s liberating to get rid of things that you don’t really need! It also feels great to know that someone else is using what was collecting dust in your closet.
    What I have to discover now is a way to get paid doing what I love (writing and mentoring youth)!

    • It sure is a glorious feeling! I highly suggest you and your fiancee check out my video series. Enter your email at the top of my blog and watch all 5 videos. I believe ideas will start flowing on how to turn your passions and interests into a living :)

      Thanks for sharing and feel free to add my on Skype if the videos resonate with you.

      Skype: jar.jaskiewicz

  46. Thanks for this great post. This had given me a grat sense of motivation. I have been working in a corporate world for 9 years and prior to that 8 years in media. I loved what i am doing before but it seems like I wanted to to more. I went back to my province due to some unforeseen circumstances, started working from home with a job that I really wanted to do most and spend most of my time doing things I love. My journey is just the beginning. there are a lot of things that I wanted to discover for myself and my passion still. :-) Thank you.

  47. How true, every single word. I love it when I make up my mind to do something and put a certain type of energy out there, and the universe with its big ears responds by actually listening and putting a blog post like yours in my path – a reminder at best to stay the course, and remain focused.

  48. Thanks for this awesome post! This is exactly where I am in my life. Recently moved back home and it’s been a challenge adjusting to say the least! But posts like this keep me pushing because they reveal that if someone has taken courageous steps and succeeded, then I definitely can too.

  49. I agree and I have done this twice – spontaneously (the way I am?) – sold everything and moved to another country (first time) and another city (second time). I earn a lot less but I am a lot happier.

  50. Very inspiring indeed. For years I was not very good at listening to myself on what makes me happy. This year, as I turn 29 – 1 year before being 30! I’ll do more things I love to do, that would satisfy my inner self, and be gloriously happy! I will travel more and might soon quit my job!!

  51. Very very Inspiring piece of work. Lately I too have started uplifting my life by doing things I always loved which I had been avoiding either because I was occupied by responsibilities or by the weight of the feeling that people would judge me,
    I would say it feels so good to do what you love regardless of what people think. Yes cutting down on people who strained my life, and I am now with people who gives their honest reviews on my work and encourage me. This was one of the best tricks that worked for me, And I have reached horizons that I never knew I had capability to reach.

    A very motivating piece. Keep up the good work :)

  52. I totally agree with this! I was in a lot of debt and buckled down working my butt off to pay it back. I lost a huge chunk of my 20’s to working so much, but am so much better off now that I have the freedom to do what I want, buy what I want, go where I want than friends who decided partying was better than paying it off.

    • Love it Staci! Keeping kicking ass :)

      What do you do now that opened up this freedom for yourself?

      • At the moment not too much lol. I used some of my savings to get married, and replaced my mums roof on her house. I put the bulk of what i save in a deposit for 6 months so I don’t touch it. I guess what it has given me is freedom to dream of what to do when I decide what business to start :)

        • Awesome :) I invite you to check out the PlayWithLifE video series that can be found in this post, or else top of the homepage. I believe the message will resonate with you :)

  53. Very inspiring :) I enjoyed reading this article. Although I am still a teenager, I really want to follow a path that I WILL choose later :) You just showed me that I was right to think this way. Sorry for my english, I am a French Canadian ;)

  54. this post was rather interesting helped me realize no matter what you want in your life as long as you believe you can do what ever you put your mind to

  55. Awesome, and inspiring. I was thinking to leave behind what i have right now to travel. People thinks I’m crazy , but this is your life, do you whatever you feel good about. It’s worth it

  56. I see that we share the same perspective on many things.
    Best wishes!

  57. I am at this crossroads right now. Stay and climb the ranks or travel and try something different. It’s tough. It does start with making the decision which I think I’m closing in on. Thanks for the insight.

  58. My passion is creating engaging content. If you have the dream and the focus and do what you love, anything is possible.

  59. Thanks for the encouragement and wise words. Change is frightening but can bring wonderful results! It takes making the choice every day to be the best version of yourself and move forward.

  60. I truly believe our “system” herds us/humans into a controlled cookie cutter lifestyle; for whatever the reason that “system” doesn’t work for me. Ever since I can remember I knew I had to live by my own rules and boundaries. I knew about the corruption before I knew how to read, I could see it unfold before my eyes. I promised myself at a very young age that I would not follow the herd, that I would live my life through what I love. What I love, Not anyone else’s idea, but my own. Judgment and persecution comes easy for most — letting me know I am wrong to go against the grain… Life has been hard, yet I wouldn’t go back and change anything. I am always inspired by those who share the same vision, belief, what have you… This posting and all the comments for it are inspiring to me. It was exactly what I needed in this moment. I have made yet another life change. I have committed to a new city and am finding myself alone and lost. My drive is diminishing. It scares me. This post is exactly what I needed to read this morning. Thank You for allowing me to share in your words and Thank You for the inspiration.

  61. Amen to this post! I’ve been a minimalist for over two years now. Quite liberating!

  62. I’m currently on this quest. It’s challenges but I’m determined.

    • “reserved person which over flows into me being a very private person. ”

      You should check out Brene Browns book, “Daring Greatly” :)

  63. I really enjoyed this post. I am a senior about to graduate from college. At first I was very scared of not knowing what will happen after graduation but reading this post shows me it is okay to take risks and go after the things you truly want in life. I would love to be able to travel the world and I plan to do just that!

  64. I really like what you are doing here. I hope to be headed in your same direction very soon! I appreciate your insight and tips on getting to a point where I can be free of most of my material possessions, make money from anywhere online, and to meet people from around the world. I feel like life has just begun for me as I embark on this new chapter. I am so looking forward to checking out your videos!

    • :) Glad you enjoyed… Where in Europe do you plan to start? I can’t seem to get enough of this side of the World. Currently In Prague and its amazing here!

      What are you running online?

  65. I love this! You’re right, it seems “easier said than done”, but it’s actually easier than it seems!

  66. Such an inspiration. Go Jaroslaw! I’m a believer that we can change our lives for the better; but like you said, it takes perseverance, change in negative thought patterns, unloading toxic people, finding the good ones, and believing in a better way. Not easy, but sure the heck worth it.

  67. Fear of the unknown and leaving the security of the bubble one creates for themselves limits so many people! People think me and my husband are crazy for taking a year+ off to see the country…I think we are just living! Really enjoying your blog, truly inspiring!!!

  68. I decided to sleep in my car until I get my debt paid off.

  69. We are the captain of our life. Our thought controls our life. I believe in this as well and whenever I feel stressful and unhappy, I stop and ask myself, “where am I?” Then I found myself again if I fully in control of my life. Thanks for sharing this wonderful thought.

  70. One of my “mottos” or more appropriately, leading thoughts in life – Create a new reality, all you have to do is change your mind – I did it more than 10 years ago and while I don’t have a hefty bank account and that shiny new car, I do have peace of mind, less stress, and have been leading a life overflowing with unexpected blessings and many more deeply rich, fulfilling, and meaningful experiences sharing/working/being with others – As soon as I dumped the pre approved, corporately mandated ideas of success, normalcy, and even security, so many doors began to open and all I had to do was step across the threshold – it’s actually much easier than your fear tells you it will be – Thanks

    • Love every piece of that comment! It’s not about a hefty bank account nor a shiny car. It’s all about waking up with a smile everyday :) Keep rocking brother! Appreciate you sharing that!

  71. Hello! It’s a wonderful thing to be able to pursue your passion, although not always easy. It’s really a journey. Great to see that you are doing what you love!

    • Thanks Shery! Nobody said it would be easy, but it would sure be worth it :) Start today with pursuing your passion! There is always something small you can do right now…doesn’t matter where you are at.

      • Totally agree that you can start doing something, even a small step, towards pursuing your passion. I’ve tried it ad it’s very liberating and empowering.


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