Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows!

  “A good life happens when You stop and are grateful for the ordinary moments that so many of us just steamroll over to try to find those extraordinary moments “ 

I really enjoy this video and I believe it can open your eyes too.   Click play on the video I posted and I would like to hear what your thoughts are, honest opinions only please :)    

Abraham & Jerry Hicks teachings have had a very big impact on my life and I hope more people start applying the things they teach.  There is so much free content available online of theirs.   At the bottom of this post are some YouTube channels with a ton of their stuff.  If you want more, google them and you will find plenty of their content online for free.

“We are the results of our thoughts and actions”

“When You decide You’re going to take control of Your relationship to who You really are, life is going to take a new form and shape for You”  

Press Play and comment below! I want Your thoughts!

“99% of wealth is controlled by Entrepreneurs and businessmen.  Most of them started with nothing” “Now is the time to pull Your head out of Your ass and get busy, stop looking around, write a plan and take action!”

“Failure is not loss, it is a mindset!  You will never fail…if You never quit”  


The past 8+ years I have focused on working on my mindset, playing with life, and most importantly creating my surroundings/reality as I desire.
There are a few Key Factors that have helped me get to where I am today, and it is all available for free online.  It has had a huge impact on my life and I want to share this with as many people as possible.
I have put together a PDF that I am 100% certain will have a positive impact on your life.  Click Here for Your Free Copy right into your Mailbox!  I guarantee that if you take action on the PDF you will start to see things change for the better :)


Comment below & Let me know You think of the above!



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  1. I love Abraham through Esther Hicks! And Jerry as well. I’m an avid follower since I began my Law of Attraction journey a few months back. I’m thankful for YouTube because there’s a ton of Abraham Hicks materials available! I start and end my day listening to their materials. I love your blog! :)

  2. Get it done!

  3. You seem like an interesting guy.. I know random..Have a nice day:)

  4. Taps into a lot of different things. Selfishness is a label that jealous people put on the creative life. I don’t think anyone who creates does it for selfish reasons. They have a need to put their “stuff” out into the world. The lady is a little woo-woo about how she describes it, but good reminder not to get in our own way.

  5. laughter is healing :) will be checking out website and youtube vids :)

  6. amariie

    Love Esther, Jerry and Abe Hicks. Cool stuff and nice post ;)

  7. Amazing perspective on selfishness!! This actually comes with fortuitous timing just as I was thinking about selfishness – on the back of my blog post about ego. See, I realised that if I stepped back from my post it could be objectively interpreted as ‘I’ve decided it’s ok to blog because it’s not about ego, it’s all for myself’ – which sounded kind of selfish! But then Abraham(?) points out that actually, selfishness is as necessary as self. Really inspiring – I shall be pondering this for a few days now…

  8. Love it!

  9. I have been scrambling up and trying to climb into the vortex, I think I am about to tumble in cause I’m balancing on the top at the moment. Thank you for sharing, Esther is great.

  10. I loved the message in this video. Thanks dude

  11. “Failure is not loss, it is a mindset! You will never fail…if You never quit”
    Awesome, thank you for sharing this good article.

  12. I remember a quote by someone that says “Focus all your energy on creating the new and not on fighting the old that’s the key to progress and success” Its all the mindset if you believe you can do something you can and if you don’t then you cannot, change your mind change your reality stuff :) I have been trying to do just the same from last couple of months I haven’t yet seen the video but I ll when I have some more time :)

  13. I completely agree with this post of yours — we need to appreciate every moment right now — it is the only thing that brings real joy.

  14. Pretty cool. I will be looking at more of their videos-thank you for sharing. Source and God are the same. It is all about how one wishes to frame(or name) that energy.

  15. We are co-creators in life!

  16. Great post

  17. I am living a life that I love and am happy to be in contact with someone else who feels the same.

  18. Lee

    I like that saying “A good life happens when You stop and are grateful for the ordinary moments that so many of us just steamroll over to try to find those extraordinary moments “
    I enjoy birdwatching and so many people don’t even see or hear them.

    • A buddhist monk once enlightened me by explaining that :
      Those who are stressed are living in the future
      those who are depressed are living in the past
      those who are happy, are living in the “now”

      • Lee

        Interesting quote. When you are birdwatching, you are living in the “now”.
        “now you see them, now you don’t” :)

      • powerful! Thanks for sharing!

      • silverliningsanddustbunnies

        I’ve heard that Buddhist monk’s philosophy before, and it is SOOOO true. Happiness is a choice to live in the present. Joy comes from knowing the present has meaning. I’ve been on a happy jag for over a decade. I realize I may be stark raving mad and in denial sometimes! But it’s my life and I am loving it. So glad you took the time to share vop001

    • Quite a peaceful time, i’m more of a bird listener ;) Watching long grass or tree branches in the wind is quite a time as well.
      “now you see them, now you don’t” I likes that! Thanks!

  19. I’ve been a fan of Esther and Jerry for going on 15 years or so. Great post

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